ICOLD Technical Committees:

ID Technical Committee SwissDams Member
A. Computational aspects of analysis and design (2022-23) Russell Gunn
Anton Tzenkov
B. Seismic aspects of dam design (2022-23) Martin Wieland (president)
C. Hydraulics for dams (2021-25) Anton Schleiss (president)
Robert Boes (co-opted member)
D. Concrete dams (2021-24) Marco Conrad (president)
Francesco Amberg (co-opted member)
E. Embankment dams (2020-23) Valentina Favero
F. Engineering activities with the planning process for water resources projects (2014-22) -
G. Environment (2020-22) -
H. Dam safety (2021-24) Marc Balissat (vice president)
HWS. Historical water infrastructures (water heritage) (2021-24) -
I. Public safety around dams (2016-22) Jonathan Fauriel
J. Sedimentation of reservoirs (2020-23) Andrea Baumer
Robert Boes (co-opted member)
K. Integrated operation of hydropower stations and reservoirs (2015-23) Patrice Droz
L. Tailings dams and waste lagoons (2020-23) -
LE. Levees (2018-24) Christian Holzgang
M. Operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of dams (2020-23) Raphaël Leroy
N. Public awareness and education (2021-24) -
O. World register of dams and documentation (2021-24) -
P. Cemented material dams (2020-25) Matthias Goltz
Q. Dam surveillance (2017-22) Laurent Mouvet
Milaine Côté (co-opted member)
RE. Resettlement due to reservoirs (2021-24) -
RTS. Residual tropical soils (2020-23) -
S. Flood evaluation and dam safety (2020-24) Bernard Joos (vice president)
T. Prospective and new challenges for dams and reservoirs in the 21st century (2020-23) (AD HOC Committee) -
U. Dams and river basin management (2021-24) -
V. Hydromechanical equipment (2016-22) -
X. Financial and advisory (AD HOC Committee) -
Y. Climate change (2021-23) Andrea Balestra
Z. Capacity building and dams (2021-24) (AD HOC Committee) Pedro Manso